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For decades, I’ve been a Mac IT contractor in major corporations, setting them up to take advantage of the Mac’s design.

Recently, all that has changed for the better as well as, for everyone both inside and now, outside of corporations!

With the announcement and introduction of the iTunes Store, Time Machine, the Mac Apps Store, iCloud and now Thunderbolt, Apple has taken all of the ‘lessons learned’ from within the most organized IT departments in giant corporations (that could afford my specialized engineering services) and literally given it away for FREE to every Mac User!

This is unprecedented in the computing world!

And it’s not just about these amazing technologies but also about the infrastructure that was needed to make this possible. Apple has spent the better part of a decade working on this, as well.

Their new North Carolina data center is THE largest in the world, period.

The money and time that they patiently invested to make this possible is staggering. No other corporation has ever even attempted this before.

For us, the individual Mac users, it will mean that we can get on about our lives and that all of our digital droppings (such as my photographs and blog posts) will be protected at my home and off site (in the iCloud) and will be instantly and automatically accessible by me from all of my devices … my computers, iPads, and iPhones and will also be in the format needed to be published on the web as photos, movies and blogs, too!

In addition, all of my applications from the Mac App Store will get automatically updated and I can buy any that I need, instantly and they will be installed onto my computers.

Now, I can tell you, that when I’ve done this for corporations it sounds easy but it’s not! Beyond setting up the networking and configuring all of the individual computers for this, and setting up special servers for the iPads and iPhones so that they can access SOME of this information, after a time, and having people that can cross check licensing for apps and approve or buy more as needed to fulfill requests, which normally takes days to weeks, it can be a nightmare to manage all of this! And that doesn’t include what happens when we’d push out software or God help us, operating system updates which ALWAYS breaks a certain number of computers.

Now Apple does all of that, better than I ever could and they do it for everyone and for FREE!

It changes nearly everything. You don’t need massive storage inside of your computer when you have instant access to all of your stuff via iCloud! Using the new Thunderbolt 27″ display you gain all of the connectivity you need using only one Thunderbolt cable between it and your Mac so that you can leave all of your other devices plugged into this monitor. You don’t need DVDs to get software when you have the instant Mac Apps Store online. And everything is handled automatically, for you! You don’t even have to call the IT department (not that they’d actually answer!).

BTW Upgrade to Lion, ASAP! Normally, I’ve held back for weeks to give people a chance to find all of the bugs in new software like this. Not needed with Lion, however! Lion works GREAT! I’ve already updated all of my Macs with zero problems! Nada!

I really look forward to the announced, September release of iOS 5 for my iPad and iPhone!

For now, I think the real ‘Bomb’ is the new 11″ MacBook Air. So small and compact that it will challenge even the iPad! But it has a keyboard and trackpad and runs Mac apps! And using it’s single Thunderbolt connector to connect it to a new Thunderbolt display will change it instantly into a powerful desktop computer with all of the connectivity you could ask for, that can easily handle all of the things that most people do with any computer. Disconnect that cable and power and it is an ultra-light Mac that will work all day!

I love my 2011 15″ MacBook Pro with it’s new screen technology (I payed for the matte version, too!) and it’s quad-core i7 but it’s kind of over kill to use this when I go out to photograph and want to remotely control my Nikon D7000 with Sofortbild (the wonderful FREE software to do this). I wish I had an 11″ MacBook Air! Maybe, some day, I hope?

All of these changes during the first half of 2011 cause me to be very excited in anticipation of what else Apple will reveal, later this year!

As an Apple user since 1983 and a Mac User since 1984, I can promise you that already, this has been the best year ever, bar none!



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